Deferment and or Suspension of Studies

13 December 2018 Author :  

A student may in exceptional cases be allowed, for good academic and personal reasons, to suspend his or her studies for a specific period.

Requests for deferment should be addressed to the Dean of SPG&S stating acceptable/justifiable grounds and the period of deferment.
The Board of SPG&S shall consider the request and recommend to Senate to approve deferment/suspension of studies for a period not exceeding one academic year.

1. At the expiry of an approved period of deferment/suspension of studies, a student shall request for re-admission from the Dean of SPG&S.
2. Upon approval, the Registrar shall re-admit or advise the student to resume studies.
3. A student who suspends studies for a period exceeding one academic year shall be required to reapply for fresh admission.

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