A student reacting to questions from the panelists, at Amoud University School of Postgraduate Studies and Research (ASPGSR), during the Research Proposal Viva Voce conducted on Monday, January 27th, 2020 at Amoud University School of Postgraduate Studies and Research (ASPGSR), Borama Campus premises.

Supervision of Postgraduate Students

13 December 2018 Author :  

General Information

1. A candidate registered in accordance with regulations of SPGSR of Amoud University shall be required to pursue his or her programme of study under instruction or supervision by academic staff appointed in that capacity by Senate on the recommendation of the Board SPG&S.
Normally, only two (2) supervisors will be appointed for each candidate from among the academic staff of the School concerned. However, Faculty/School may recommend to the Board of SPGSR appointment of additional supervisor(s) as they may deem necessary in individual cases.
3. At least one (1) of the Supervisors must be a staff member in the Department where the candidate is registered.
4. Supervisors shall submit to the Dean of SPGSR either individually or jointly, academic reports on the progress of each candidate every three (3) months for PhD candidates, and every two (2) months for other postgraduate programmes. Each report shall be sent through the respective Chairpersons of the DPGSC/ FPGSC, and shall be copied to the Registrar, and the Dean of the Faculty.
5. Where the progress of a given candidate is unsatisfactory, such a candidate shall be given a written advice by the Dean of SPGSR to the effect that unless the candidate makes improvement within the following six (6) months, the candidate may be de-registered. The advice letter shall be copied to the respective Chairpersons of the DPGSC and FPGSC, the Supervisor(s), the Registrar, and the chairman of the board of postgraduate school.
6. When the report of the student is adverse on supervisor(s), the Dean of SPGSR shall invite the Registrar to investigate and make recommendations.
7. The Dean of SPGSR shall, in consultation with Deans of Faculties ensure effective supervision of all students.

9.2 Appointment of Supervisors
1. The concerned Faculty/School in consultation with the Dean of SPGSR, shall process recommendations on the appointment of Supervisors in the first instance.
(School of Postgraduate Studies & Research - Rules and Regulations, 2013)
2. The Board of SPGSR shall discuss and make recommendations to Senate on the suitability of Supervisors, based on an acceptable research proposal from the candidate.
3. Before recommending the appointment of any Supervisor, the Board of SPGSR shall satisfy itself that the proposed Supervisor is competent in the subject area in which the candidate proposes to work. All Internal Supervisors shall be members of the Postgraduate School as defined in section 5.0 and 5.1, taking into consideration the terms of reference in section 5.2 of these Rules and Regulations.
4. Each candidate shall normally have two Supervisors. At least one supervisor shall normally be a member of the teaching department in which the student is registered. The Supervisor whose area of expertise is closest to the students’ field of research shall be designated as the Main Supervisor.
5. Where an additional Supervisor is recommended for appointment from outside the University, such a person shall show evidence of competence in the area of study through academic publications. Such a person shall also submit a current CV to Senate before formal appointment.
6. All students shall be required to consult their Supervisor(s) at least once a month based on a schedule to be worked out between the student and the Supervisor.
7. All Supervisors approved by Senate shall be informed in writing of their appointment by the Dean of SPGSR.
(Replacement of Supervisors)
1. Where the SPGSR is not satisfied with supervision of a particular candidate, it shall recommend for a replacement to the Board of SPGSR.

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