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Educational Counseling is a profession that focuses on the relations and interactions between studentsThe Student Counsellor Amoud University, Mr. Said Habane and their school environment with the expressed purpose of reducing the effect of environmental and institutional barriers that impede student academic success. The profession fosters conditions that ensure educational equity, access, and academic success for all students. To accomplish this function, in Amoud University the professional counselor advocates creating opportunities for all students to nurture dreams of high aspirations. The counselor assists students in their academic, social, emotional and personal development and helps them define the best pathways to successfully achieve their dreams.


The office of counseling services in Amoud University is a well established one and has been working for more than two years. The office serves the students and reaches its clients by employing two different modes. The first mode, students are given orientations and speeches geared to the needs at hand. The second mode, students visit physically to the office and they get individual or group counseling session(s).


Amoud University Student Counselling Service is principally intended to operate three complimentary objectives:

To assist current and prospective students at the University in choosing courses of study.
To provide individuals and groups with counseling and guidance during their studies especially concerning improvements in study skills and techniques.
To offer comprehensive personal counseling and advice to students concerning both their studies and private life.

Serves Coverage

In generally, the counseling services in Amoud University encompass three major areas. Each division of these major areas provides several services to the clients (students) in the University.

1. Academic Counseling

The University counselor works with students at all levels to maximize their ability to learn in the classroom. On a daily basis, the counselor meets with students to cover topics such as goal setting, organization, time management and study skills.

2. Career Development

The counselor also works with students at all levels to explore career and college options to make informed decisions after high school. Students are encouraged to look at the relationship between their strengths and abilities, education, and world of work.

3. Person/Social Development

School counselors work with students to support the development of interpersonal skills to respect themselves and others. At all levels, school counselors utilize a variety of developmentally appropriate strategies and activities to promote positive personal development and interactions at school. The students are also assisted to overcome their personal challenges face while they are studying in the University.

Information to the Clients

The Student Counseling Service places emphasis on providing services suitable to the needs of individuals and/or groups.

The office hours of the Student Counselor are from 7:00 – 12:00 Saturday through Thursday. The office of the Student Counselor is situated in the administration block B, next to the Faculty of Education Lecturer Halls.

Appointments can be made by coming to the office and fill the admission form or by calling 00252-63-4457510 or sending an e-mail message to the Student Counselor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Saed Hassan Habane, the Student Counselor of Amoud University is a professional counselor who holds a MAGC (Master of Guidance and Counseling).

If you have questions concerning your stay at Amoud University, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Counselor, whether it concerns the progress of your studies, registration, study skills or personal matters. The Student Counselor can either assist you at the office or refer you to other appropriate office when seeking information.

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